Dual Timeline Book Review: On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor

About the Book

Title: On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor 

Author: Jaime Jo Wright 

Genre: Dual Timeline 

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers 

Release Date: June 1, 2021 

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Publisher's Book Description


Adria Fontaine has been sent to recover goods her father pirated on the Great Lakes during the war. But when she arrives at Foxglove Manor--a stone house on a cliff overlooking Lake Superior--Adria senses wickedness hovering over the property. The mistress of Foxglove is an eccentric and seemingly cruel old woman who has filled her house with dangerous secrets, ones that may cost Adria her life.  


Present day.  

Kailey Gibson is a new nurse's aide at a senior home in a renovated old stone manor. Kidnapped as a child, she has nothing but locked-up memories of secrets and death, overshadowed by the chilling promise from her abductors that they would return. When the residents of Foxglove start sharing stories of whispers in the night, hidden treasure, and a love willing to kill, it becomes clear this home is far from a haven. She'll have to risk it all to banish the past's demons, including her own.

My Review

On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor, by Jaime Jo Wright, is a stunning novel! When it comes to the dual-timeline plot structure, Ms. Wright is a master storyteller! With its rich characterization, detailed settings, relevant themes, and immensely gripping mystery, this book is thoroughly captivating and utterly entertaining. As the story alternates between its two timelines, one in the past and one in the present, it reveals integral details that are equally chilling and captivating. Piecing together the secretive and perilous circumstances in which the characters find themselves fosters a reading experience that is delightfully eerie and wholly moving. 

As the tumultuous waves of Lake Superior echo in the background, the remote, 19th century manor house stands rooted on wooded, rocky cliffs. Its chilling presence, in the past and in the present, virtually breathes as a grim, cryptic character, a veritable framework influencing the story itself. Within this vivid setting, the characters themselves struggle with the very real specters of fear, loss, hurt, and uncertainty. Even as they question their purpose and their very worth, they endeavor to evaluate what truly matters. And they show courage and determination as they search for tendrils of hope, healing, and truth. Despite the secrets that are uncovered, the characters learn to open their hearts to the healing power of faith, values, family, and love. 


I have read all of Jaime Jo Wright's novels so far, and I have never been disappointed. On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor is a beautifully composed, thoughtful, clever, and well-researched novel. Its absorbing mystery, meaningful themes, and thrilling suspense are intensely satisfying. This book is raw, real, relevant, redemptive, and remarkably unforgettable. I recommend it wholeheartedly. 


*I was given a copy of this book by the publisher. A review was not required. The review I have written is voluntary and contains opinions that are entirely my own.

About the Author: Jaime Jo Wright

“Daphne du Maurier and Christy Award-Winning author, Jaime Jo Wright resides in the hills of Wisconsin writing suspenseful, mysteries stained with history's secrets. Jaime lives in dreamland, exists in reality, and invites you to join her adventures.” --Biography from Jaime Jo Wright’s author page on Amazon.com.

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