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Amish Fiction Book Review: An Amish Christmas Wedding

  About the Book Title: An Amish Christmas Wedding: Four Stories   Authors: Amy Clipston , Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller, Vannetta Chapman   Genre: Amish Fiction/Holiday Romance   Publisher: Zondervan   Release Date:  October 6, 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this book for yourself. Publisher's Description “ From bestselling authors of Amish fiction come four delightful stories perfect for celebrating love, joy, and the everyday miracles Christmas brings.   Evergreen Love  by Amy Clipston   Ryan Lapp had promised to marry Lorene Bontrager as soon as he was able to build them a house, but the day never came. Ryan moved away. Five years later, Lorene has settled in to her old maid role, and she’s shocked when her younger sister announces her quick engagement to Ryan’s younger brother. As they rush to plan the wedding, Lorene is constantly around the family she almost joined. Worse, she’s forced to face Ryan himself, who has returned to town. As both Ryan and Lorene

Historical Fiction/True Crime Book Review: The Red Ribbon

About the Book Title: The Red Ribbon   Series: True Colors (Volume 8)   Author: Pepper Basham   Genre: Historical Fiction/True Crime   Publisher: Barbour Books   Release Date:  October 1, 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this novel for yourself.   Publisher's Book Description "An Appalachian Feud Blows Up in 1912       Step into True Colors -- a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime     In Carroll County, a corn shucking is the social event of the season, until a mischievous kiss leads to one of the biggest tragedies in Virginia history. Ava Burcham isn’t your typical Blue Ridge Mountain girl. She has a bad habit of courtin ’ trouble, and her curiosity has opened a rift in the middle of a feud between politicians and would-be outlaws, the Allen family. Ava’s tenacious desire to find a story worth reporting may land her and her best friend, Jeremiah Sutphin, into more trouble than either of them planned. The end result ? The Hillsvil

Cozy Mystery Book Review: Brought to Book

About the Book Title:  Brought to Book   Series: Wilkester Mysteries (Book 1)   Author:  Barbara Cornthwaite   Genre:  Christian Cozy Mystery   Release Date:   June 24, 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this book. Publisher's Book Description "There’s nothing in Emily Post about dealing with murder.   Katrina just wanted to spend time among the books at Frank’s Bookstore. Yes, that’s an unimaginative name for a store, but Frank’s an unimaginative guy–or he was.   Now he and his murder are the reason Katrina is spending her spare time with Wilkester detective, Todd Mason. Or, that’s what she tells herself.   Why would anyone want to kill Frank Delaney? Who would do it? And is Katrina herself even safe?   Mixing faith, literary humor, sweet romance, and a cozy mystery that will keep you guessing, Barbara Cornthwaite’s first Wilkester Mystery has everything you want for a cozy read.   Begin your investigation of  Brought to Book  today. " My Review Brought to Bo