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Historical Romance Book Review: Dawn's Untrodden Green

About the Book Title: Dawn’s Untro dden Green   Series: Regency Wallflowers , Book 3   Author: Carolyn Mille r   Genre: Historical Romance   Publisher:  Kregel Publications   Release Date: April 11, 2023 Click here to purchase a copy of this novel.   Publisher's Book Description “Not much happens in Theodosia Stapleton's tiny Northumberland village. Certainly not to her. She has resigned herself to spinsterhood, caring for her ailing mother in the home of her grandfather, known to the locals as "General Contrary." When her dear friend dies and leaves behind a daughter, it's simple enough to take the child into her own quiet world. That is, until her ward's famous uncle unexpectedly arrives and throws Theo's tidy orbit completely off-kilter.     Fame was the last thing Daniel Balfour sought when he fought in the Peninsular War. But his brave exploits caught the attention of the King, and now the honors he was given hound him everywhere . . . even on