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Amish Fiction Book Review: The Coffee Corner

About the Book Book: The Coffee Corner   Series: An Amish Marketplace, Book 3   Author: Amy Clipston   Genre: Amish Fiction   Publisher: Zondervan   Release Date: December 1, 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this book.   Publisher's Description “In this third installment of Amy Clipston’s Amish Marketplace series, an acquaintance grows into love over a few well-timed cups of coffee.   Alongside her cousins who have booths of their own, Bethany Gingerich runs a busy and successful coffee and donut stand at the Amish market. Since she has cafĂ©-style tables and chairs, her regular customers enjoy purchasing a morning treat so they can sit and talk to their friends.   Micah Zook and his grandfather, Enos, visit Bethany every Saturday morning to purchase coffee and donuts before going to work at Enos’s custom outdoor furniture shop. Bethany enjoys talking to Micah and Enos, and she’s always thought Micah was handsome—but she doesn’t think her crush will ever result in

Contemporary Romance Book Review: Restoring Fairhaven

  About the Book Book: Restoring Fairhaven: Merriweather Island   Series: Independence Islands, Book 6   Author: Carolyn Miller   Genre: Contemporary Romance   Publisher: Celebrate Lit Publishing   Release Date: December 8 , 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this book. Publisher's Book Description "Love hurts, or so the songs say, so who wants it? Taking on her ailing father’s gardening business on Merriweather Island, Samantha Green only wants to escape her ex and to make her father proud. But Sam gets more than she bargained for when Greener Gardens accepts the job of restoring the gardens of a reclusive writer, Max Fairhaven, whose historical novels about romance and unrequited love litter bookstore shelves and movie marquees all over the world. Max much prefers the fictional world to the real, and the gardening girl’s interruptions means he’s driven from his writing cave far too often for his liking. How’s he supposed to craft stories with her distracti

YA Fantasy/Fairytale Romance Book Review: Besotted

About the Book Book: Besotted   Series: The Fairest Maidens, Book 3   Author: Jody Hedlund   Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Fairytale Romance   Publisher: Northern Lights Press   Release Date: November 17, 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this novel. Publisher's Book Description "In a land where being the fairest maiden is a curse . . .   A young queen trying to stay alive until she comes of age to rule, and a prince turned into a pauper.   Queen Aurora of Mercia has spent her entire life deep in Inglewood Forest, hiding from Warwick’s Queen Margery, who seeks her demise. As the time draws near for Aurora to take the throne, she happens upon a handsome woodcutter. Although friendship with outsiders is forbidden and dangerous, she cannot stay away from the charming stranger.   Only two months away from completing his royal testing, Prince Kresten of Scania is ready to be finished with the poverty and hardships of being a woodcutter. When he meets a beautiful peasan

Cozy Mystery Book Review: Snuffed Out

About the Book Book:  Snuffed Out   Series: Wilkester Mysteries (Book 2 ) Author: Barbara Cornthwaite   Genre: Christian Cozy Mystery   Release Date: July 24, 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this book.   Publisher's Book Description "Picnics can be murder… scenes.   What was supposed to be a romantic picnic at “their spot” turns criminal when Katrina and Todd stumble—almost literally—over a body.   What’s the college chef doing under a bush up in the mountains? Other than being dead, that is.   Who killed him? Why?   All clues point to people who Katrina is certain didn’t do it. Especially the one who ends up dead himself.   Uh, oh.   Thanks to a slow-burning romantic relationship that can’t seem to get past chapter one, and a determination to save her friend from false arrest, Katrina joins Todd again as they riddle out bizarre clues, weed through unlikely suspects, and learn to communicate on a more personal level.   What do you get when you combine literary