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Historical Fiction Book Review: One Hundred Valleys

About the Book Title:  One Hundred Valleys Author: Bonnie Leon Genre:  Historical Romance Publisher: Ashberry Lane Release Date:  March 15, 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this novel for yourself. Publisher's Description "After the death of her mother, Emmalin Hammond discovers she is not the heiress she’d always assumed she’d be. The revelation exposes her fiancĂ© true intentions when he withdraws his marriage proposal, leaving Emmalin heartbroken and humiliated. When she discovers the father she believed to be dead is still alive and living in the Oregon Territory she decides it is time to meet the man who has been hidden from her all of her life. Accompanied by her Uncle Jonathon she sets out for the Oregon Territory in search of answers and hoping for a renewed relationship with her father. When tragedy strikes, she confronts the terrifying challenge of completing her quest alone. Faced with few options, she entrusts he