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Historical Romance Book Review: Vying for the Viscount

  About the Book Title:  Vying for the Viscount   Series: Hearts on the Heath (Book 1)   Author: Kristi Ann Hunter   Genre: Historical Romance   Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers   Release Date: August 4 , 2020   Click here to purchase a copy of this novel. Book Description "For Hudson, the newly titled Viscount Stildon , moving to England from India where he was born and raised was already an arduous enough endeavor. When he learns the fate of the racing empire he inherited along with his title depends upon him getting in the good graces of another stable owner, he's even more at a loss.      The stable at the neighboring estate has been Miss Bianca Snowley's refuge for years, and when a strange man appears to be stealing the horses, she jumps to their protection without a second thought. Upon learning Hudson is actually the new owner, she can't help but be intrigued by the area's newest eligible bachelor.   Any thought of romance is quickly set a

Christian Non-Fiction/Educational Bible Study: Greek Word Study

  About the Book Title:  Greek Word Study   Author: Chris Palmer   Genre:  Christian Non-fiction, Educational   Release Date:  July 17, 2020   Click here to purchase a copy of this book.   Book Description “Flour. Sheep. Coins. Wheat. Jesus never abandoned the familiarity of His time because what He had to say was so celestial or deep. Instead, He took advantage of what people already understood. In doing so, He didn’t just leave a way of salvation for us, but also a pattern of teaching to follow. This alone was my inspiration for how I chose to write Greek Word Study .”—author Chris Palmer In a follow-up to his highly acclaimed book Letters from Jesus: Studies from the Seven Churches of Revelation , the Rev. Chris Palmer has written Greek Word Study: 90 Ancient Words That Unlock Scripture . With wit, humor, grace, and scholarship, Chris offers biblical insights while teaching Koine Greek words and phrases one delightful bite at a time. Unlike other books that overwhelm reade

Contemporary Romance Book Review: A Dazzle of Diamonds

About the Book Title: A Dazzle of Diamonds   Series: Georgia Coast Romance (Book 3)   Author: Liz Johnson   Genre: Contemporary Romance/Mystery   Publisher: Revell   Release Date: August 4, 2020 Click here to purchase a copy of this novel.   Book Description “Penelope Hunter loves her job as the events manager at one of Savannah's premier historic venues--until her ex-fiancĂ© walks into her office with his new bride-to-be. To make matters worse, a scheming social matriarch is intent on seeing Penelope fired, especially if she insists on being seen with Tucker Westbrook.     Since returning from serving two tours in the Middle East, Tucker has built a thriving security company. His work is nearly as stabilizing as his friendship with Penelope, who has been by his side since childhood. But when the lone candidate for county sheriff goads him, Tucker loses his cool and ends up on the ballot--and on the receiving end of a smear campaign claiming the Westbrooks were tra