Book Review: Raising Successful Teens

About the Book

Title: Raising Successful Teens: How to Help Your Child Honor God and Live Wisely Author: Jeffrey Dean
Publisher: Multnomah
Genre: Parenting
Release Date: September 3, 2019

Publisher's Description

“This revised and updated edition of The Fight of Your Life features a new title, refreshed design, and 70% new content.

From every side--the Internet, social media, interactions with friends, in both their public and private lives--teens are persuaded to follow the world's way over God's every day. Culture's mantra "live for today" has become the slogan of this generation! But, one thing remains true--mom and dad are still the greatest influence in the life of their child.

Based on timeless biblical truths, Raising Successful Teens equips parents with positive, encouraging, and practical advice. A family and teen culture expert with more than 25 years of ministry experience, Jeffrey Dean gives parents the street-level approach they need to help their teens wisely and safely navigate technology, friendships, dating relationships, social media, and more. Parents will learn how to keep the lines of communication open and stay involved in their teens' lives.”

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My Review

In the book, Raising Successful Teens: How to Help Your Child Honor God and Live Wisely, author Jeffrey Dean offers valuable insight into the challenges that teens face today and how parents might effectively guide their teens through these challenges. With chapters devoted to important topics like self-esteem, peer relationships, dating, social media, etc., Mr. Dean expounds on issues that are extremely relevant to parents and their children.

Within every chapter, there is an emphasis on brave, consistent, open communication between parents and their teens. Practical strategies for facilitating communication and a variety of meaningful questions and conversation starters are included throughout the book. For parents, there is an additional focus on being intentional and wise in interacting with their teens, deliberately using teachable moments to instill truth into the hearts and minds of their kids.

Overall, I found this book to be worthwhile, helpful, and encouraging. Shortly after beginning this book, I already had strategies that I was prepared to implement with my teens. The myriad sample questions are simple to remember and easy to use in everyday conversations with my kids. I will certainly be revisiting and reviewing this book in the years to come. I truly believe this book is a significant resource for all parents of tweens and teens, and I highly recommend it.

*I was given a copy of this book by the publisher. A review was not required. The review I have written contains opinions that are entirely my own.

About the Author: Jeffrey Dean

“Jeffrey Dean is an influencer who is devoted to making the family strong. The popular author, pastor and motivational leader has spoken to over four million people throughout our nation's universities, churches, and conferences, including more than 4,000 of our nation's public and private schools.

As an authority on Generation Z, his mission is to make families strong by equipping parents and their kids to face & deal with daily dilemmas.

Having been published by such powerhouses as Penguin Random House Publishing, LifeWay Resources, Back to the Bible and Randall House Publishing, Jeffrey's words are far-reaching. His voice is so too - serving as host of The Family Strong Podcast with Jeffrey Dean. He is also a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio programs.

Jeffrey serves as a contributing writer for Stand Firm Magazine, Horizon, Fusion, and The Brink, and his monthly column appears in Direction and Horizon Magazines. Jeffrey has held positions on the Strategic Stakeholders Committee for the Department of Health and Human Services, Washington DC; Advisory Board of National Abstinence Clearinghouse; and Youth for Christ, among many others.

Through his messages, books, blog, podcast, and more, Jeffrey keeps his pulse on this generation to help students win in life and he equips parents with the tools they need in order to be their kid's hero.

With 26+ years of helping build strong families, Jeffrey has a unique way of sharing the truth of God's Word to people of all ages. Finding the right speaker for your event can be challenging, especially when looking for someone who can engage audiences of all ages. See how Jeffrey Dean can impact your audience by contacting him for more information.
” –Biography from Jeffrey Dean’s author page on

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