Amish Fiction Book Review: Amish Midwives: Three Stories

About the Book

Book:  Amish Midwives: Three Stories 

Author: Amy Clipston, Shelley Shepard Gray, and Kelly Long 

Genre: Amish Fiction/Novella Collection

Publisher: Zondervan 

Release Date: March 2, 2021

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Publisher's Book Description

"From bestselling authors of Amish Fiction come three sweet stories about new life, hope, and romance.  

Bundles of Blessing by Amy Clipston 

Lost in grief after the death of her husband, Kristina Byler gave up remarrying and found comfort and purpose in becoming a midwife. She is surprised when Aidan Smoker—her ex-boyfriend and the man she was sure she’d one day marry—moves back to the community after living in Ohio for the past eight years. They’re both certain there’s too much pain in their shared past for them to have a future, but they keep finding themselves drawn together. As Kristina helps other women bring children into the world, she starts to wonder if a family of her own might be possible after all. 

A Midwife for Susie by Shelley Shepard Gray 

Haunted by secret guilt after a tragic accident, Joanna Zimmerman is sure she’s left midwifery behind her. She keeps to herself, certain this is for the best. Her childhood friend Dwight Eicher knows that Joanna hasn’t been herself lately, but every time he’s tried to talk to her about what’s wrong, she’s avoided his questions. When his sister, Susie, becomes pregnant, Joanna must decide if she can find the courage to return to the job she once felt so called to. Meanwhile, both Dwight and Joanna face romantic feelings that have the potential to change their friendship forever. 

Christmas Cradles by Kelly Long (Also in An Amish Christmas) 

When Anna Stolis takes over for her aunt, the local midwife, Christmas night heats up with multiple deliveries, three strangers' quilts, and unexpected help from the handsome and brooding Asa Lapp."

My Review

Amish Midwives is a heart-warming novella collection featuring stories by Amy Clipston, Shelley Shepard Gray, and Kelly Long. With settings in three different Amish communities, this book delivers touching stories of family, friendship, faith, and new beginnings. As the midwives serve their communities by helping to welcome new babies into the world, relationships are strengthened and hope is nurtured. 


In each of these novellas, the authors have penned engaging stories that are truly entertaining. I quickly became interested in the plot of each novella, feeling authentic connections to the characters within each story. These stories include genuinely endearing characters who overcome insecurities, misunderstandings, and unmet expectations. They offer forgiveness, act with grace, and find the courage to open their hearts to the possibilities of new dreams and unexpected romances. Their struggles, perseverance, and faith are captivating and encouraging. There is also a meaningful connection among these three stories as they emphasize grace, kindness, friendship, faith, family, and community. 

Amish Midwives is a memorable and uplifting book offering three special stories that are sure to be enjoyed by fans of Amish fiction. A pleasure to read from beginning to end, I eagerly recommend this book to all readers. 

*I was given a copy of this book by the author. A review was not required. The review I have written is voluntary and contains opinions that are entirely my own.


About the Author: Amy Clipston

"Amy Clipston has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her fiction writing "career" began in elementary school when she and a close friend wrote and shared silly stories. She has a degree in communications from Virginia Wesleyan College and is a member of the Authors Guild, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Romance Writers of America. She is the author of the bestselling Kauffman Amish Bakery series with Zondervan, which is part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. An advocate for organ and blood donation, Amy donated a kidney in 2011 at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Through her donation, her husband received a second kidney transplant. Amy and her husband matched another couple and swapped kidneys with them. Amy's memoir, A Gift of Love, will be available in early 2014. She hopes her story inspires others to become organ and blood donors. Amy lives in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, mother, and four spoiled rotten cats.” --Biography from Amy Clipston's author page on

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About the Author: Shelley Shepard Gray

“Shelley Shepard Gray lives in southern Ohio and writes full time. A busy wife and mother of two, she spends her days writing and keeping track of her two teenagers. Her two dogs keep her company when she writes in her basement. 

Shelley enjoys writing about the Amish and visits Amish communities in Adams and Holmes counties several times a year. When not spending time with her family or writing, she serves on several committees in her church. 
She also bakes a lot, loves coconut cream pie, and will hardly ever pull weeds, mow the yard, or drive in the snow.” --Biography from Shelley Shepard Gray's author page on

Click here to visit Shelley Shepard Gray's website. 

About the Author: Kelly Long

“Kelly Long was born and raised in North Central Pennsylvania. There was an Amish hitching post at the small grocery store in her town. She loves to write Amish romance and is the author of novel, Sarah's Garden, the novella Amish Christmas Expanded Edition with some other great Amish authors, Amish Love with Beth Wiseman and Kathy Fuller, and Lilly's Wedding Quilt--the sequel to Sarah's Garden. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and children.” --Biography from Kelly Long’s author page on


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