Historical Fiction Book Review: Sacred Honor


About the Book

Title: Sacred Honor 

Series: The Saberton Legacy, Book 3 

Author: Lori Bates Wright 

Genre: Historical Fiction/Historical Romance 

Publisher: Sierra Vista Books 

Release Date: September 26, 2020

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Publisher's Book Description

"Her heart is shattered. Her home is left in shambles. And she is forced to give up the only man capable of putting the pieces back together. Aurora Haverwood has loved Zachery Saberton for as long as she can remember. Her dreams of being his wife are cruelly dashed when the American Civil War draws to a close with news that Zach is missing and presumed dead. Refusing to believe he will never return to her, she sets out to find the truth. Captain Zach Saberton, notorious blockade runner for the Confederate Navy, has outfoxed the Yankee War Department once too often. In order to save his neck, Zach agrees to go undercover in London to help the Union recover a million dollars’ worth of gold bullion missing from the failed Confederate Treasury. When Aurora discovers Zach Saberton is alive and well in England, attending one social affair after another, she decides to pay a visit to her uncle, the Earl of Kendal, in hopes of finding some answers. The journey from her devastated homeland to elegant London society plunges her into a web of danger. Zach, desperately trying to avoid another civil rebellion, soon comes to realize that it’s Aurora who holds the key to their survival. But in accepting her help, he risks losing her forever."


My Review

Sacred Honor, by Lori Bates Wright, is the third book in The Saberton Legacy series. Beautifully written and thoughtfully detailed, this story is a pleasure to read. Page after page this novel captivates with thrilling surprises and unique twists. With its appealing elements of romance, history, and intrigue, Sacred Honor is genuinely engaging and memorable. 

Through a truly clever plot, this novel creatively explores the themes of love, deception, worth, redemption, and purpose. With a diverse cast of characters, scenes are vividly developed and complex motivations are revealed. The characters' fears, desires, and choices add depth and meaning to the unfolding story.  


From Savannah, Georgia to various locations in England, the settings within the novel are often just as relevant and memorable as the characters themselves. Offering the characters fresh perspectives, new ideas, and important challenges, the surroundings play a prominent role in many of the novel’s most integral scenes. 


Sacred Honor is a moving story of faith, forgiveness, trust, and truth. Strengthened by Ms. Wright’s richly descriptive style and keen attention to historical detail, this book is utterly satisfying and enjoyable. Like the other books in The Saberton Legacy series, Sacred Honor is thought-provoking, emotionally stirring, and ultimately uplifting. I eagerly recommend it. 


About the Author: Lori Bates Wright

"Lori Bates Wright is an author of Christian Fiction who has a fascination with history and a soft spot for love stories.  

Raised in New Mexico, she now lives in Texas with her husband of 34 years. Her two grown kids have blessed her with four adorable grand boys (who leap tall buildings in a single bound!) When she's not writing you'll most likely find her sipping coffee and daydreaming on the porch swing. Or cooking for her family when she can get them all together.  

Her passion is helping women of all ages discover their God-given strengths. With a touch of humor, her stories help illustrate truths, hard-won lessons, and unwavering perseverance by women from times gone by. In honoring the past, she hopes to encourage today's women to courageously love, devote their talents, and never give up on their dreams." --Biography from Lori Bates Wright’s author page on Amazon.com.

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