Nonfiction Textbook Review: Teaching Art in the Primary Grades

About the Book

Book: Teaching Art
Author: Jerry E. Twitchell
Genre: Nonfiction  EDUCATION/Teaching Methods & Materials/Arts & Humanities
Publisher: Redemption Press
Release Date: February 20, 2019

Publisher's Description

“As Simple as 1-2-3

Everything needed to structure and teach an effective art program for grades one to three is made simple for the home-school parent or teacher.

This step-by-step process for teaching art is perfect for home-school teachers or parents with limited art skills or time to create their own programs. This system of insight, responses to judgments, ideas, and feelings aligns with public school and state visual arts requirements.

Teaching Art in the Primary Grades is designed to foster lifelong interest in the arts, provide a gauge of what can be expected of children at various ages and grade levels, and present a baseline for measuring growth and skill.

Lesson plans with goals, objects, time frames, techniques, steps, illustrated examples, and assessment of growth are included.”

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My Review

Teaching Art in the Primary Grades, by Jerry E. Twitchell, is an art textbook designed to be used by home school parents or teachers of students in grades 1-3. At each grade level, themed units feature interactive lessons that offer at least 90 minutes of art-related activities per week for an average of 36 weeks. Each lesson includes goals, steps, necessary materials, and the amount of time that is needed for teaching and completing the lesson.
I enjoy using this textbook with my children, and my kids like it too! As a mom, I appreciate the fact that many of the lessons only require basic art supplies that I already have on hand. As a teacher, I value the fact that the lessons build on the knowledge that has been learned and the skills that have been acquired in previous lessons. I also appreciate that the lessons are designed to compliment kids’ developing motor skills, attention span, and interests. When completing lessons from this book, my kids are engaged and their imaginations are stimulated.

I did find that a few of the lessons lacked sufficient instructions on how to guide the students through the given activity. I have previous art experience, so I was able to figure out how to proceed. I do think that those with little to no art experience may struggle a bit in teaching some of the more open-ended lessons. However, I also found that many of the lessons are easily adaptable to multiple ages and skill levels which is valuable in many different learning environments.

Overall, I recommend this book for parents and teachers who are looking for thoughtfully designed elementary art lessons that are sequentially structured, fun, and easy to use with individual students or large groups. It is a worthwhile addition to any public, private, or home school classroom.

*I was given a copy of this book from the publisher through Celebrate Lit. The review I have written is voluntary and contains opinions that are entirely my own.

About the Author: Jerry E. Twitchell

Jerry E. Twitchell, DEd, is a retired educational administrator and art and history instructor. With over thirty years of experience as a teacher and principal, Jerry has nurtured primary through secondary students to experience the excitement of art. In his work with parents, teachers, and especially children, he has sought to bring to life a love and passion for art.

More from the Author: Jerry E. Twitchell

Ever since I was young, I have always loved art.  It was only natural for me to be teaching and sharing the love of art to young people. Over the years, a number of parents, students and fellow teachers and administrators suggested that I should write a book about teaching art, particularly to the emerging beginning artist.  This would hopefully help them gain confidence in themselves in return would flow into their reading and writing subjects. After retiring, pondering and headaches, I started putting it together and throwing around ideas to myself on what should be included and “Wala”… it is.


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